5 Major Things To Know About ArcheAge To Become a Pro

ArcheAge can be a daunting game when you start off. Because of this I decided to help my people out there that are starting out and need some help! Using these tips you can rest assure that your experience will be way smoother and enjoyable.

Use beds to get more Labor! 

In ArcheAge we are all in need for more Labor and that is why beds are a great way to get a little! If you own a house you can place a bed in it and use it to sleep. This will restore anywhere from 50 to 80 labor points every day. While that might not be a huge amount it’s not a no amount! You can boost this by buying sleeping pajamas with vocation points to get 200+ labor points on top of 80! You can get them at the vocation badge merchant! 

Don’t lose your started gear! 

The gear you get at the beginning while doing the story quests can be upgraded as you level up and will become the Hiram Gear. This gear is wildly accepted as being the third best end game gear so make sure you keep upgrading it! If you already lost it there is no need to worry as you can get it back at the armor and weapon merchants! 

What to do during your first 30 levels! 

For your first 30 levels you can manage just by doing the story quests. This will give you enough experience to be the right level for each region you travel to! Also, during these quests you will be getting infusions and awakening scrolls that can be used to upgrade your started gear as I already mentioned. Furthermore, make sure you don’t miss the side quests as they can give you some sweet rewards! 

You already own a small farm if you own a house! 

Owning a house is an awesome feature in ArcheAge and has many benefits! One of them being that you can place crops in front of your house in order to grow them safely! It can be a nice way of making some extra cash with minimal effort and some players choose to play ArcheAge just to be a farmer! While your first house might be too small for Lumber Trees it can accommodate seeds so make sure to go plant some! 

Buy some gold! 

Hey, we all love cash whether it’s virtual or real! It can take a really long time to grind up a substantial amount of gold in ArcheAge and that is where I can help you! For low prices and fastest delivery time you can buy some ArcheAge Gold on Eldorado gold shop and enjoy the game rather than grinding for hours!


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