Spending Time With Parents Can Increase Their Age, Research Revealed

Although a tough routine is a common excuse from the children for not getting time to spend with their aging parents, yet those who want their parents to live longer can make it possible by creating time for them daily.

A review has revealed an aging parent’s life expectancy can be enhanced if they stay surrounded with a company. This study was held at the University of California located in San Francisco which emphasized on companionship as a supportive and helpful aspect for improving the aging quality of the adult lives.

The study which took 6 years had 1600 adults of the age 60 and above. Researchers inquired the subjects regarding their feelings concerning isolation and companionship.

The ones who shared that they feel lonely also accepted that they face difficulties in performing routine activities such as, using stairs and greater extremity tasks.

Researchers have discovered that respondents who stated lack of companionship and prevailing isolation possessed higher chances of death at an early age.

In accordance with the study, feeling lonely is known a subjective feeling causing social distress which encompasses the search of companionship and a sense of not being belonged. It found that the feeling of loneliness results in chronic stress, which brings inflammation and disrupt the immune system. 

And once inflammation and disruption appears, it increases the symptoms of depression, lack of sleep and also impact the biological signs linked with enhanced morbidity and mortality.

Additionally, a study performed by the AARP Foundation (American Association of Retired Persons) stated that adults who dealt with prolonged isolation were as weak to the health risks as the smokers having 15 cigarettes per day.


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  1. Mo Rahman says:

    Increase their age? Don’t you mean life expectancy or prolongs their life?

    Increasing their age had connotation of ageing faster.