Pokemon Go Battle League To Release In Early 2020

Niantic does not forget to develop its famous game Pokémon Go always in order to gather even more players across the planet.

Pokemon Go Multiplayer Mode

And for this, the studio has officially announced the launch of a new multiplayer mode called the Pokemon Go Battle League Go. In other words, a true player-versus-player mode online!

Since the improvements made in the fighting between Pokémon fans in December 2018, it was still necessary that the two combatants face physically scan the QR code on the smartphone of his opponent to engage in a clash.

Here, according to the ticket published this October 20 by Niantic, everything will be achievable online. The only condition to be able to benefit from this real PvP mode: leave the house to get an entrance fee through walking.

At the moment, the details are relatively poor. In addition to the announcement of the Go Combat League, the studio announced the establishment of a world ranking. As soon as we know more, we will not forget to inform you!

In the meantime, you can celebrate Halloween in Pokémon Go with a lot of surprises planned. End of the event on November 1st at 22h.


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