Pokemon Go Banning Accounts Linked With Xiaomi Smartphones

Pokemon Go players complain about being banned for no reason from the Niantic app and suspect a problem with their Xiaomi smartphones.

Many people still play Pokémon Go today, although the app is no longer as insight as it could have been in 2016. For a long time, we know that the Niantic teams who have developed the app are fighting against various forms of cheating. However, it was not known that having a Xiaomi smartphone could be considered banned behavior.

However, many Reddit users have complained that their account has been temporarily suspended while they say they have done nothing wrong with Pokémon Go. Quickly, the players came to complain about the social network realized that this phenomenon affected some smartphones Xiaomi.

Pokemon Go and MIUI

Other smartphones such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 or the Redmi Note 5 also seem affected by this problem. It would seem that Pokémon Go is having trouble with an item or application of the MIUI system and interprets it as a cheat tool.

Xiaomi Redmi Pokemon Account Banned

For now, Niantic and the Pokémon Go teams have not yet reacted officially.


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