Fortnite Is Back With Fortnite 2 As The Beginning of Season 11

Fortnite is back with the new title called Fortnite 2 after the first
map has been swollen by a black hole. This will bring new updates and
challenges to the game.

After Apex Legends was released along with Call of Duty Black Ops 4,
these two games stole most of Fortnite players after the players were
bored of seeing the same cartoonish thing over and over again.

To beat that the Epic Games marketing team played a great role by
flushing all the first 10 seasons of Fortnite in the flush to give the
players something new, hence they sunk the map into a black hole and
traveled into another dimension to get Fortnite 2.

Fortnite 2 Map

The latest map will contain new places, and will not contain anything
related to the first 10 seasons of Fortnite and the map will also see
the transformation throughout the seasons.

Fortnite 2 Challenges

Epic Games update Fortnite challenges every week for the players to gain
trophies and get XPs in different parts. These challenges can be seen in
the games tab. And obviously battle pass users will get more XPs as they
go above the game.

This is indeed a new adventure for gamers all around the world grinding
on their Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. And new missions to
complete from the game as well.

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Fortnite is also set to release a bunch of new skins and it is expected
that Epic Games will do something similar at the end of Season 20 to
give it a new touch.

Have you been playing Fortnite lately? Let us know about your experience
with the new Fortnite in the comments section below.


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