E3 2021 Will Be Digital and Free For All: No Extra Paid Tickets

The annual E3 2021 conference will return in June after the event was suspended last year due to the pandemic. As we already know, the E3 2021 edition will be held completely digitally from 15 to 17 June. It will allow all fans to be able to follow the event in the first person.

What we did know now is that ESA, the body that organizes and manages E3, has no intention of carrying out extra paid tickets, an eventuality that cannot be taken for granted since the latest rumors that emerged in recent days had hinted otherwise.

In particular, according to reports from several sources, the VGC newspaper reported that the E3 2021 could have offered some sort of $35 premium package. The content of this package, according to rumors, could have offered exclusive access to some demos and extra content dedicated to the event, thus creating a differentiation between the free offer open to all and the one offered to pass buyers.

The information reported by VGC does not seem to be the result of an incorrect report, as the newspaper confirms that it has received more than one report from different sources close to the organization. It, therefore, seems that ESA has retraced its steps and has decided to abandon the idea of ​​introducing a premium proposal, opting for completely free access for all to the digital edition of E3 2021.

This is undoubtedly a genius move because the demonstration no longer occupies the central role it once did, especially after this first year of the pandemic. In fact, in the last 12 months, the approach of software houses to the theme of communication has radically changed, to the point that digital events have rapidly multiplied and spread throughout the year.

Communication has changed. Every company now aims to speak in the first person in appointments tailored around its current proposal, with straightforward and easily replicable formats throughout the year. In addition to this, the competition of events such as the Summer Game Fest has undermined even more the centrality of E3 as the only summer event dedicated to the videogame world.

Big games such as elder scrolls 6 will also be released.

In such a crowded and competitive landscape, the ESA event must prove that it is still relevant and has something new to say to the general public and the market.

E3 2021 Date

June 15 to June 17.

E3 2021 Registration

The registrations will start soon on the official website.


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