Among Us Hack Can Get Your Account Banned Forever!

Hey Among us Fans! Did you know Among Us Hack can get your account banned forever from the game? YES! So, stay away from it.

Many of you have heard about this game right? If not, let me bring some light onto it.

Among us is an online multiplayer game that was released in June of 2018. Following its release, the game gained a lot of popularity in such a short span of time, the Reason being its competitive & unique gameplay style which engages the users to compete with each other in a friendly way making this game stand out from the crowd.


The game features 2 roles either you are assigned as a crewmate or an impostor, both have their own tasks, and the main objective for the crewmates to observe the imposter among the crew members. There are many ways to do that, like watching them kill a member red-handed or complete all the tasks before the imposter secretly kills the entire team and so on.

Although there are mods available that help you avoid in-game purchases and through which u can have paid skins and puppets alongside your character, there also some real good hacks available for this game at this point.

Let’s have a look at a few of them;

  • Find and See Imposter Player
  • Instant Kill Other Players
  • Radar Hack and Map Hack
  • Make Me Imposter
  • Speed Hack
  • Ignore Wall
  • Show Ghost Chat
  • Infinite Sabotage
  • Disable Kill and Door Cooldown

Where can u get them now? well there is a website that we can recommend and that is skycheat, but you have to be careful while applying these cheats as other players can notice the slight changes in your movement or tricks therefore be very cautious when using them in-game

Risks and Dangers of Among Us Hack

Cheating is always costly, and According to the developers of the game, their system is using an efficient A.I. cheat detector, which not only kicks you from the server but also bans your account for a lifetime.

Before you get into this dirty game, be sure that your account will be on the verge to get banned. There are few more things that are dangerous, that includes;

  • Your IP will be visible to the hackers.
  • Custom Mods contains malicious applications, which hackers later use to installed unwanted apps on your Smartphone/PC.
  • Your account including your Email account will be banned for a lifetime.
  • Game developers can also ban your IP from the game permanently or at least for 3 years.

Also be very careful about where you get them from, because many of the websites that include cheat & hack contain malicious programs that can infect your device.


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