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Among us is a huge game, but many people are needed to play it as a co-op experience for up to 10 players across PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms. The question raised is whether Among Us crossplay? This article will cover everything you should know about cross-progression in among us.

About Among Us

Among Us is a cross-platform. The player can team up with their friends without any extra steps in PC, Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android, and gradually Xbox. It does not matter where you get the game from one PC. There are several copies on steam available, and it is also available on, Epic Games Store, but all of them work the same. The Among Us does not have a lot going on, so over games like Fortnite. Crossplay works between mobile devices and PC. The game can also be controlled with a mouse, so there will not be any need to disable crossplay.

How to invite your friends to Among Us on PC, Xbox, PS4/PS5, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch?

It is straightforward to invite your friends to Among Us.

Total Time: 1 minute

Just go to the menu and select Online play

Then create the game under the host banner

Choose one of the three maps

Choose the number of imposters

This game is recommended two for a 10 player game.

Select chat language and confirm

Get the Six-digit Code

Then give this code to your friends.

Start the game

Once the player enters a lobby, they will have to enter a six digit code under the start button.

Once your friend has a code, they will enter the players’ lobby by choosing Online play from the menu. Your friends will need to enter code under the Private banner and be on the same server as the player. It can also be changed in the lower right corner of the Online play screen, and it does not matter whether you are on PC, Switch, IOS, or Android; the process will still be the same.


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