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Google New Year 2022 Song: Sadly 2021 has been a worse year, as it can be seen through the memes. Sadly more than three hundred thousand Americans have died due to the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Due to the shutting down of businesses, many people have suffered financial issues, so that’s why it has been a very terrible and tragic year. At least the presidential elections of 2020 went well. Joe Biden has been the best candidate, and he defeated Donald Trump in a landslide victory.

Understandably many people are waiting for 2021 to last. As new year’s eve is on its way, there will surely be celebrations celebrated in 2022. There is also some great news. The Google Assistant has created a secret New Year Song adorable. It is best if you’re starting to celebrate your 2021 party.

Google New Year 2022 Song

On Twitter, some details were shared about the super-secret song, which is very easy to summon. You can use the Google Assistant device like the Nest Hub and say Hey Google sing the New Year Song, and the device will sing the cute song for you. You can also see an anthropomorphic Times Square ball dancing.

If you do not have a Google Assistant device, you can still listen to it by playing the Twitter video. The song can be silly and pointless, but it can also be fun.

In most of the regions, Google Assistant will be singing this song. For example, in England, this song is sung with an accent. In my opinion, I liked that one most. This song is also supported in other Assistant voices. You may also find that Assistant simply speaking the lyrics instead of singing them if you have set your device to another language.


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