Google Releases Suez Canal Ever Given Ship Easter Egg for Search

Suez Canal Ever Given Ship Easter Egg: If you search “Suez Canal” or “Ever Given” google will show you a floating ship.

Now the ship that was stuck at the Suez canal has been freed after 6 days at the canal. Google has released an Easter egg to celebrate the good news on their google search.

If you search Suez Canal or Ever Given, it shows you little boats floating on the top of the search results.

Located in Egypt, Suez Canal is one of the most crucial seaways of the world. The canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, allowing direct shipping transit from Europe to Asia.

Around 12% of the world’s trade including oil supply goes through this canal.

The 120,000 tonnes in weight and 1,312-foot-long ever given ship blocked the Suez Canal for six straight days, caused the loss of approximately $58 billion, halting the supply of food to oil to clothing.

Tugboats helped refloat the ship on monday.


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