Google kills AMP; Google AMP is not a ranking factor anymore

In a shocking move, Google is no longer giving special treatment to the Google AMP pages anymore. Google says in the latest press release that they will not give any web page importance just because it has implemented AMP.

Why was Google AMP implementation important?

Previously, Google uses to rank web pages with Google AMP integration higher because the user experience as AMP pages clearly loads faster than the actual website. Google made AMP a ranking factor right after its release, but they seem to reverse their ranking policy on this.

Why did Google discontinue AMP?

Since the Core Web Vitals have made the major ranking factors that abolish the need for AMP, Google decided not to burden the publishers with lots of ranking factors, so they decided to discontinue it. Core Web Vitals are itself a very project, and currently, only 20% of the websites comply with it.

core web vitals

What happens now?

Since AMP has been discontinued, that doesn’t mean it is gone forever. The latest blog from Google clarifies that Google AMP is not a ranking factor anymore.

What will happen if I remove AMP after this?

If you do not want AMP on your web page or have been creating issues lately, you can remove the AMP integration as it will not impact your rankings anymore.

What to do next?

The next step for publishers should really gear up their game on Core Web Vitals if they really care about their rankings. However, several people kept reporting the errors on their AMP, so they can remove AMP all at once and start focusing on Core Web Vitals.

If your core web vital score is good (for mobile), then you can feel free to remove AMP integration right away. If not, keep the AMP pages.


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