Apple Confirms Launching iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2

Apple Confirms Launching iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2
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We are already aware of the next upcoming iPhone 11, XR2 and other rumored designs, but now Apple has given a green signal that confirms three new iPhone models.

Apple Confirms Launching iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Max and iPhone XR2

As discussed by Apple alerts 9to5Mac website, Apple has finalized global file model numbers for the iPhone 11, 11 Max and XR2 in the Eurasian database, which is an official regulatory body. The model numbers are;

  • A2111
  • A2160
  • A2161
  • A2215
  • A2216
  • A2217
  • A2218
  • A2219
  • A2220
  • A2221
  • A2223

There spot two clear product lines, First, the A21 and the other A22.

Coming in three different versions, the new A21 produce line will include the latest iPhone XR, which is being shipped in three different storage versions and using a slower Intel modem. The other A22 product line includes the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max and both of these new iPhones has three different storage versions as well as two more model number which I am suspecting to different supplies from suppliers globally since Apple did this thing last year as well.

What if the given model numbers are not just the registrations for the recently launched iPad Air 2019 and iPad Mini 5? Because Apple has registered those devices in the Eurasian database in 2019, January, exactly two months before the launch in March. Moreover, the number is following the style Apple recently registered in the database for iPhone XR and XS.

Above all, the Eurasian database is a regulatory body, which is never wrong. So despite hiding it from the public, Apple can never lie or keep secrets from the database.

Surprisingly, we already know how new iPhones will look like, their specifications and improvements but their launch date and time is still a secret. So, iPhone 11 and iPhone XR2 are simply convenient smartphones.

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