Huawei Cannot Make A Phone Now, As ARM Cuts Ties with Huawei

This is the even bigger hit after Google, Intel and Qualcomm cut their ties with the Chinese smartphone maker. And now ARM cuts their ties with Huawei.

ARM provides Software, codes and other security patches for the users. ARM lists it as an Unfortunate Situation as decided to end their partnership with Huawei.

Without ARM, Huawei cannot even make a single phone!

ARM is owned by Japan’s SoftBank which is based in Cambridge, UK and most of its designs are of US origin technology has made it clear that they have cut their ties after a critical situation with Huawei.

ARM China is also following the ban which has 49% of the stake in the ARM technology. This ban means that Huawei will not be able to produce any phones with the foundation of HiSilicon’s Kirin chipsets.

After the ban from Qualcomm chipsets, HiSilicon’s Kirin Chipsets were the only option left for Huawei to produce smartphones. Huawei P30 Pro uses a Kirin 980 chipset and also has ARM’s Cortex A55 and A76 cores. And without Qualcomm and ARM, they will not be creating anymore phones until the ban is lifted.

Google stopping Huawei to use Android is surely going to hit Huawei very badly. But it didn’t stop Huawei to make phones. Interestingly, Huawei phones sold in Chine does not have any Google services installed, but Huawei is all set to roll out its own operating system “Hongmeng”.

But this new ban has stopped Huawei to produce phones and if it persists, it will kill Huawei’s smartphone business once and for all, as they do not have any more open alternatives to make their smartphones. Even Samsung relies on the ARM chipsets to produce their phones.

What do you think about this new ban? Do you think Huawei will get up on its feet again after getting hits from tech giants companies?


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