Tips To Protect Smartphone From Coronavirus – Ways to Disinfect Phone

Protect Your Smartphone From Coronavirus
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Do you know if you want to protect the smartphone from Coronavirus, there is a way to disinfect your mobile phone screen right now.

Smartphones are highly used every day by people. Things that are used a lot must be kept clean. The prevailing pandemic coronavirus demands extra cleaning of the items we use on daily purpose.

You can disinfect your smartphone’s case by using a bar of simple soap and warm water. Since the cases of our mobile phones appear cheap and are easily replaceable. You can also utilize 70% rubbing alcohol or alcohol or wide-spectrum based cleaning spray.

Easy way to Disinfect your Phone to Protect Smartphone From Coronavirus

These two appear very effective in terms of disinfecting the phone cases thoroughly. To clean by 70% rubbing alcohol, you are required to dip a soft cloth in the rubbing alcohol and then apply that cloth on your case.

Rub that clot into every nook and corner and rub your case entirely. Rest the case to allow the rubbing alcohol to evaporate itself.

It doesn’t leave behind the smudge marks as it appears when water is used. If you opt to use the cleaning spray which is alcohol-based, you must use a soft cloth.

Then, spray on it the opted cleaning spray within every nook and corner of your case. Then wipe off the liquid from the smooth areas. Lastly, make sure you rest or leave your case for a while to let the evaporation appear itself.

The cleaned and disinfected case would clean your mobile phone automatically when placed on the back. The latest models of smartphones are coming with a water-resistant factor. However, it is still won’t be good to place them under a running tap.

For instance, all the iPhone models, since the iPhone 7 developed, are appearing fully water-resistant. Yet, Apple still suggests that they should be cleaned with a damp cloth only.

The water-resistance quality aspect is solely for the “case” part of every phone including the iPhones.

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