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This time we got the white version of Xiaomi CC9, officially named “White Lovers”. Although the CC9 also has the similar magic effect of Xiaomi 9 on the back, in fact, Xiaomi uses a two-dimensional grating structure in this new machine.

When charging, it can be always lit as a charging reminder;

When a call comes to a notification, it flashes as a reminder;

Xiaomi CC9 charging

As for the front screen section, the Xiaomi CC9 is equipped with a 6.39-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2340 × 1080. The book data seems to be quite satisfactory today, but it cannot be said that it is completely uncompetitive.

The first is to configure the same price and not much to see in DC dimming, which can slow down the damage to the eyes of the screen to some extent.

Followed by Sunscreen 2.0, the screen will have a brighter and higher contrast display quality in outdoor scenes. The advantage of this is that you can see the screen outdoors.

Finally, it is a 256-level eye protection mode. When viewing the screen in a dark environment, the multi-color temperature adjustment is not absolute eye protection, but it can also slow down the glare caused by the cool color light to some extent.

Of course, whether it is an eye protection screen or eye protection mode, it is not a matter of relying on various functions, but good eye habits.

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 fingerprint

The Xiaomi CC9 is equipped with the seventh-generation optical screen fingerprint of the Redmi K20 Pro. The principle is the same as that used in Xiaomi 9:

The fingerprint features are collected through the lens-type optical fingerprint module under the screen, and then the recorded features are compared by means of photoelectric reflection, and finally, the recognition is completed.

In terms of hardcore parameters, compared to the previous generation, the new module’s single pixel size is increased to 7.2μm, the photosensitive area is increased by 100%, the monitoring area is increased by 15%, the signal dynamic range is increased by 33%, and the signal-to-noise ratio is increased by 40%.

To sum up in one sentence, the unlock success rate has increased by 30%.

It is worth mentioning that when I was ready to take the phone out of the office to make proofs, I was surprised to find that the Xiaomi CC9 still had a 3.5mm headphone jack and infrared remote control.

Xiaomi CC9 AI Features

The front of the Xiaomi CC9 is equipped with Samsung’s S5KGD1 sensor. The theoretical maximum pixel is 32 million. The high-pixel sensor can retain more details during the self-timer.

xiaomi cc 9 AI

In order to fill the lack of self-portrait, Xiaomi also joined the “Panorama Self-Timer”, but the shooting method is still the traditional left and right rotating mobile phone, not the one-button wide-angle switching method that we have touched on other mobile phones before.

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 ai photo

Since the marriage of Xiaomi and Meitu last year, the statement that Xiaomi will optimize the self-timer with the Mito algorithm has been circulating on the Internet. Finally, this rumor is fulfilled in the customized version of Xiaomi CC9.

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Emojis – Just like Apple!

Xiaomi Mimoji
Phone World

In addition, Xiaomi also added Mimoji to the camera to become a stand-alone option. The system provides two expressions of pig fart and Line Friends Brown Bear and Laiyang by default.

Of course, we can also let the system generate a cartoon image for us to take pictures or record emoticons and so on.

The rear main camera is still the same as the Xiaomi 9 Sony IMX586 with a maximum pixel count of 48 million. IMX 586 This CMOS parameter is not unfamiliar to everyone, so I will not repeat the data again, this time mainly to see the comprehensive performance of Xiaomi CC9.

Xiaomi CC 9 Camera Quality – Sample Pictures

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Battery Life and Specs

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 is not particularly prominent in terms of configuration. Qualcomm Snapdragon 710’s SOC, 6GB storage and 64GB start (up to 128GB) storage space, these are the standard configuration of the price range of 2000~2500 yuan.

Earlier I said that the Xiaomi CC9 is slightly thicker and heavier than the Xiaomi 9 in fact because it is matched with a 4030mAh battery.

In terms of battery life, the mobile phone can support 8 to 10 hours of battery life in high-intensity use (microblogging, WeChat, music, video…). If it is used as a game-based “game console”, the longest battery life is 4-5. hour.

Gaming on Xiaomi Mi CC 9

The simple game test is still based on “Peace Elite”. In the default special effects scene, the mobile phone can keep running smoothly. This is not stressful for most of the same configuration phones, but at a higher level of special effects, the mobile phone is in multiple people. In the smoke scene, it will be a little hard.

Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Price In Singapore, Where to buy cheap?

Xiaomi Mi CC9 6GB RAM with 64 gb storage will cost you S$: 354.75.

While 6GB RAM with 128 GB storage will cost you S$:394.16.

And to buy it at a cheaper price tag, one shall wait. We recommend you to buy it from Amazon Sale on Xiaomi Mi CC 9.


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