Xiaomi Launched Its Own “Xiaomi Redmi Car”

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Xiaomi has launched its own Xiaomi Redmi Car, which is the customized version of Bestune T77 SUV. And this new car will cost you 89,800 Yuan or 13,400 USD.

Xiaomi fans are in joy as the company launched its first car ever after partnering up with Bestune, the company announced this on Weibo.

Bestune T77 SUV is a customized Xiaomi Redmi Car which unveiled on 3rd of April, making Xiomi more than just a mobile company. Xiaomi at the start of 2019 announced that they will be expanding their product range. And this car is indeed one of the best addition to Xiaomi products.

Have a look at Xiaomi Redmi Car, a customized Bestune T77 SUV


You can buy this car in 89,800 Yuan or 13,400 USD, more details to acquire this vehicle and its availability are still due from Xiaomi’s end. This car promises top-notch features for its users.

Specifications of Xiaomi Redmi Car, Bestune T77 SUV

  • Dimensions: 4525 x 1845 x 1615 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2700 mm
  • Weight: 1455 kg
  • 1.2L Turbocharged Engine
  • 6-speed MT Gearbox
  • Maximum Horsepower: 143Ps
  • Maximum Power: 105kW
  • Maximum Torque: 204Nm
xiaomi redmi car bestune specifications

How much Xiaomi Car will cost?

This car will be available in six different versions, which can extend its price to 134,000 Yuan, at least 19,980 USD. Countries with devalued Yuan or USD will face double the cost of this car.

Xiaomi Car Accessories

These are some of the accessories which will work perfectly with this car.

Xiaomi Car Camera


Xiaomi Car Air Purifier

Xiaomi Car Charger

Xiaomi Car Wireless Charger


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