Uninstall VLC Media Player As A Flaw Allows Hacker To Hack Your PC

Since VLC Media Player is open-source and free, it is one of the famous media players in the world. Unfortunately, a new flaw, which is labeled as “critical” has found in VLC, meaning you should just uninstall VLC Player until the parent company VideoLAN Project patches this critical security flaw.

This flaw is discovered CERT – Bund, a German security agency, this new security flaw in VLC is listed as CVE-2019-13615, which has been given a vulnerability score of 9.8 out of 10, classifying it as “Critical”.

What does VLC Media Player Virus do to our PC?

This security flaw will allow RCE (Remote Code Execution) which means that the hackers can modify, install and run any software without your permission, and can also steal your files or can even hijack your computer and see your files.

Luckily, hackers aren’t being able to take advantage of it, but WinFuture is reporting that Linux, Unix and Windows versions of VLC Players are affected with the flaw, but macOS version is secure. VLC currently putting millions of Windows, Linux and Unix PC on the verge of getting hacked.

VideoLAN has been aware of this security flaw and currently working on a patch, but the work is only 60 percent done on this patch, meaning it will take time to roll out. The perfect way to secure your PC is to Uninstall VLC Player before someone takes advantage of your PC.

If you continue to keep this vulnerable version of VLC Player, then you will be seeing lots of unwanted software being downloaded and your personal files have been made public.

VLC Media Player Alternatives

Since you have no choice but to uninstall VLC, the best alternatives are BS Player, KM Player, and Media Player Classic.

More details will be added to this story as VideoLAN releases newly patched to fix this flaw.


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