Facebook is Launching a Smart TV Device called Facebook Portal

Facebook is perfectly set to launch a Smart TV device that can stream great number of shows. The supporting streaming hardware will be built-in in Facebook Portal devices. It convoys a camera. Streaming service also comes up with video chat along with watching TV and AR (Augmented Reality).

The Facebook plan for a Smart TV device is leaked by The Information and Cheddar. We have collected some valuable data about this smart device. Let us proceed! Here’s what it will contain.

Android Integration

Facebook’s own Oculus Go and Oculus Quest are also Android-based. Thereafter, there are probabilities that the device will run on Android only. This will be easier for handlers to set hands on. Furthermore, It is also stress-free for developers developing, Android-based TV apps.

Camera and Microscopes

This is the first time, Facebook is launching a Smart TV device for streaming. Facebook is using its current podium for initiating video chatting. It’s hardware contains a handy camera for video chat attached with microscopes. Microscope is entrenched above the TV. It will be easier for users as they will have a possibility for video calls.

Attached Speaker

Apart from far-field microscope and camera, the Smart TV device will have an incorporated speaker. The speaker will be located on the top of the TV. An audio hardware professional stated that it will be a little tricky as the built-in speakers can cause some troubles when user is in a video call.

A More Focused Content

According to the leaks, the company has already in touch with Netflix for co-streaming, back in July 2019. Facebook also approached streaming companies including Disney. The focus is on quality content as well as customer demand. Moreover, company has stated that they will have major focus on TV Shows/Movies than on a Smart TV device. So, it means that Facebook might take help from 3rd-party apps.

Augmented Reality x Smart-TV

Astonishingly, this device will make the practice of Augmented Reality. Facebook Portal will include Augmented Reality features like stories, face filters and much more. Furthermore, this will be the very first time that AR is being introduced in a TV screen. If it get success, then there will be a bigger room for more portal devices in the tech word.


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