Google And Amazon Set To Deliver Your Packages Via Drone

Drone deliveries are the future for Google and Amazon as the service got approved for public use in Australia.

These deliveries will be limited to the city of Canberra which is the capital city of Australia. Theis delivery service is initiated by Wing which is a part of Alphabet, Alphabet is a part of Google, the drone delivery got approved on Monday.

At first, these deliveries will only be available in three suburbs: Palmerston, Crace, and Franklin. These drones can deliver food, medicines and small packages.

Google’s sister concern, Wing got approval after 5 years of testing.

Google Drone Deliveries

But to be noticed, Google wasn’t the first one to initiate drone deliveries. Amazon had been testing the same service in the United States for a while now.

But Google was lucky to get the first approval from the Civil Aviation to fly their drone, which is supported by AI to deliver the packages.

Amazon Drone Deliveries

Amazon has also carried out few successful tests of drones delivering their products. It is not been confirmed by Amazon which areas they will be targeting for these deliveries.

But Google is ready to overtake the race of deliveries by initiating their venture for the general public very soon starting from the suburbs of Australia.

People are still waiting for Amazon to start delivering in the United States, but the company has not given any sort of signal which shows that they are going to launch it any time soon but rest assured, the working on the project is in process.

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