Apple Vision Pro Auto Adjusts Vision For People With Weak Eyesight

Through collaboration with Zeiss, Apple’s Vision Pro headset will provide vision correction inserts for people with weak eyesight, eliminating the need to wear glasses.

Apple Vision Pro

During Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple finally revealed its mixed-reality headset—the Apple Reality Pro headset—as a spatial computer. Ever since the company announced the Vision Pro headset—the company’s first new product line in years—it has dominated headlines.


It will initially be available in the US for $3499 (around Rs 2,88,000).

People with Weak Eyesight

Besides its advanced features such as a 3D sensing camera, micro-OLED displays with 23 million combined pixels, spatial audio, and the M2 and R1 chipsets, the Vision Pro headset is also designed for those with poor vision. Although it is not possible to wear glasses with the headset, Apple has partnered with Zeiss to offer vision correction inserts.

Zeiss Optical Inserts can be customized for users with limited vision. In exchange for a vision prescription, Apple and Zeiss can create a vision corrector insert for the user, but these inserts will not be included in the package.

Auto Adjust Vision Prescriptions

Optical Inserts may not be available to everyone based on their vision prescriptions, so those with extreme prescriptions may not be able to wear the headset.

However, the ability to use the headset without glasses sets the Apple Vision Pro apart from other VR headsets, theoretically allowing for a more comfortable viewing experience. Besides offering vision correction inserts in its lineup of headsets, Meta, which is Apple’s biggest competitor in the AR-VR space, also offers a Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 2 with vision correction inserts.

Do I have to wear eyesight glasses with Apple Vision Pro?

No, you don’t have to wear any eyesight glasses as Vision Pro auto-corrects optical vision

Can people with very weak eyesight wear Vision Pro?

Sadly, people having extreme eyesight won’t be able to wear it.

What are vision correction inserts?

Vision correction inserts are small, custom-made lenses that are inserted into the Apple Vision Pro headset to provide vision correction for people with poor eyesight.


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