Bye, iTunes! Apple Is Finally Discontinuing iTunes After 18 Years

It is finally an end of a beautiful era in Music history. iTunes is no more supported by the latest Apple updates as it has been abandoned by Apple.

What Music Streaming App will come after iTunes?

apple does not support itunes anymore mac os
Apple iTunes

Great news, as Apple is moving forward with their tech as Apple is set to announce their new Music streaming service which will able to have Music, Podcast and TV with the major macOS update at WWDC 2019 on Monday 3rd June 2019.

Will iTunes for Windows will work after discontinuing?

The news about Windows version of iTunes is still unclear as Apple didn’t say much about the future of iTunes for Windows platforms, but Apple discontinuing iTunes means that soon it will be dead for all platforms anyway.

How long Apple will support iTunes for iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac?

As of now, iTunes will continue to work as the latest update hasn’t arrived yet. But with the latest OS update, iTunes will be replaced with the latest Music streaming app which is yet awaiting a formal announcement from Apple HQ.

This is indeed a very bold step to give Apple users a new experience while streaming their music. As per Rolling stones, the new streaming app which is set to launch by Apple has a paid music, podcasts, and more features which will make it a much better music streaming platform than iTunes.

This comes after TikTok decided to launch their own Music Streaming app to battle Apple Music and Spotify.

How was your journey with iTunes during all these years? And what are your anticipation with the new app that will replace iTunes once and for all?

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One Comment

  1. UnHappy Camper says:

    I am extremely disappointed as a long time user of itunes for Apple to once again make something that some don’t want or need. It seems to be about $$$$$. I use mine to listen to my own personal cd’s in my music library and to back up my phone. I don’t use apps, otherwise primarly as I don’t stream, don’t desire to stream.

    I feel this is going to be even more of a invasion of our privacy by Apple, and an attempt get Early Adopters to keep paying for music that I don’t want!

    What will happen to our personal info in itunes (iPhone/etc)?! How in the heck do we protect ourselves?
    How long will we be able to access our music that we’ve PURCHASED/DOWNLOADED!!??!!

    UnHappy Camper