8 Dangers of Apple Vision Pro for Human Health

Apple Vision Pro is a new virtual reality headset with potential risks for human health. Learn more about these dangers, including motion sickness, eye strain, and headaches, in this blog post.

Apple Vision Pro is an innovative virtual reality headset that could revolutionize computer interaction. However, there are also some potential dangers associated with VR headsets, including:

1. Motion sickness

VR is immersive, which means that the brain is receiving conflicting signals from the eyes and inner ear. When the eyes see movement, but the inner ear does not, motion sickness can result.

2. Eye strain and headaches

In addition to blocking out natural light and forcing the eyes to focus on a virtual screen, headsets can also put pressure on the eyes and temples, causing headaches and eye strain.

3. Social isolation

Using virtual reality for longer periods of time can lead to social isolation since people spend less time interacting with the real world.

4. Addiction

In the virtual world, people may neglect their responsibilities and relationships in favor of spending time in VR, because it can provide a stimulating and escapist experience.

5. Cyberbullying

Using virtual reality (VR) can make it easier for people to harass and intimidate others. By using VR to create realistic avatars of themselves and their victims, cyberbullies can make bullying seem more personal and damaging.

6. Eye-tracking

Virtual reality headsets can track the eye movements of users, which could be used to collect personal information, track user habits, or even control the user’s actions.

7. Privacy concerns

Virtual reality headsets can collect data about the user’s environment, allowing them to track their location or gather personal information about them. This data could be used to track the user’s movements, discover their homes, or identify them.

8. Safety concerns

VR headsets can be a safety hazard, as they can block the user’s vision and make it hard for the user to see their surroundings. This can lead to accidents, such as tripping and falling. VR headsets can also catch fire if they overheat.

Before using Apple Vision Pro, you should be aware of its potential dangers. If you experience any negative side effects, such as eye strain, headache, or motion sickness, you should stop using it. It is also important to use the headset in moderation and to be aware of the privacy and safety concerns associated with it.


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  1. By far the most generic, lamest article ever. I don’t think the Vision Pro is a good for health, but this article fails to prove why, This is just general information we already know.

    1. DigitalPhablet says:

      Noted Jss, we will try to add more details to it.