5G Is Not Harmful To Health In Comparison with 4G, Statistics

5G is not harmful to health after Federal Communications Commission compared it with 4G and said using 4G is more harmful, but 5G is relatively more secure than 4G.

While the new 5G network technology is about to roll out around the world, some remained worried. Do not panic: According to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission in the United States of America), 5G will not be more harmful than 4G and other network technologies.

The waves … are everywhere. A terrestrial and celestial invasion that is difficult to stop, because the enemy is invisible and insidious, playing a great war in the long term to poison us.

At least that’s what some people are afraid of because of the proliferation of antennas around the world. With the upcoming advent of the 5G, this fear is once again expressed … but no panic to have according to the FCC, as shown in the Digital.

Is 5G harmful?

The US telecoms organization has finally delivered its verdict after six long years of testing. And this one is final: the 5G will be at the same level as 4G / 3G / 2G and others and is not considered harmful to humans. So 5G is not harmful to health.

The scientific evidence available to date does not support adverse effects on human health due to current or lower exposures to these limits.

Specifically, the radio frequency limits currently used on 4G that will also run on 5G are still considered appropriate. The FCC also points out that these are “some of the strictest limits in the world“.

That most worried reassure in which case: if the 4G does not stop you from sleeping, the 5G will change nothing.

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