Ummah Becomes Best Boot Sale App for Buying the Halal Way

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Ummah, the new London-based eCommerce App, is taking the Muslim World by storm. Designed by a team of Muslim App developers and designers, the new App buys and sells a wide variety of items and promises the Islamic world they will be making transactions the halal way.

The halal way is an ethical faith-based Islamic way of life that transcends everything that Muslims do. It has an impact on eCommerce activities. The Ummah App allows brothers and sisters to conduct business without compromising their faith.

Ummah App

What is perhaps most surprising is the ability to find virtually anything on the Ummah marketplace.  Since the site went live a few months ago, word of mouth has spread across the Muslim world and users have accessed the site with increasing number.  The Ummah App is available through the Apple Store and Google Play, and so access to download the site is easy and secure.

Within a few short weeks, the Ummah App marketplace has reach #2 status in terms of web traffic.  While the site offers additional features that Muslims will find helpful and inspiring, such as inspirational messages and religious passages, it is the marketplace that is attracted much of the attention.

The marketplace was built with many of the features commonly associated with eBay. Among the many products that the marketplace offers are a wide variety of boots.  In fact, when compared to similar websites, the Ummah App provides Muslims with some of the best sales available on boots of all sizes and types.

While boots are high on the list of desirable items and the number of buyers and sellers interested in them, the wide variety of products in just a short time illustrates how active the site is becoming.

Muslims are encouraged to check out the new Ummah App marketplace.  Even if boots are not among the items on everyone’s list, the diversity of products is still exciting, and shopping the halal way makes it much easier for Muslims to shop and adhere to Islamic principles.


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