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3 Creative Uses of Apple AirTag Beyond Keys and Wallet

If you are considering buying an AirTag for yourself or gifting it to someone, you might be thinking of its uses. We all know that it can be used to secure your keys, wallets, and other luggage. But only a handful of us actually know what else it can be used for in our daily lives.

You can literally attach it to any of your luggage so you can find it quickly if it’s misplaced in a room or at an airport. Moreover, it can be used for pet and child tracking to ensure the safety of your pet and child. This way, it can be used to protect your valuables from getting misplaced.

Read below to find some similar creative uses of Apple AirTag in your daily life. 

1. Pet Tracking and Safety

As a pet owner, you will always have the fear of losing your furry friend in a park or anywhere outdoors. That’s where AirTage comes to help. You can find a collar for your pet that can fit an AirTag and can be attached to your dog or cat. 

This way, when you are going on any outdoor adventures or leaving them alone at home for a while, you no longer have to worry about losing them. All you have to do is use the Find My app on your iPhone, and you will be able to pinpoint the exact location of your AirTag, thereby helping you find your furry friend. 

There is also a Precision Finding feature in the AirTag that can help you track your pet in real time and guide you directly to its exact location. So, get advanced tracking capabilities with Apple AirTag from DigiDirect and start living your life worry-free.

2. Luggage and Travel Security

Misplacement of luggage is the biggest concern during travel, especially at airports, and trust us, no one wants to experience this hassle. That’s why it is advised to secure your luggage bags with Apple AirTag on it. It will enable you to track the location of your bags throughout the journey. 

We are not saying to put the tag on your bag wherever you go, but it is important to do it for places such as bustling airports and crowded train stations. This way, if your luggage anyhow lands in the wrong hands, you will be able to track and trace it right away. 

It will enable you to retrieve your luggage easily. Moreover, there is an innovative feature in AirTag that allows you to set a message and contact information in case anyone wants to contact the owner to return the luggage they have found. 

3. Valuable Item Protection

No matter if you are carrying an expensive gadget or a priceless piece of artwork, or a family heirloom, protecting it will be your top priority. Especially during travel, it becomes even more important to care for such belongings

AirTag enables you to tag your valuables with a tracker that can help you receive instant notifications if any of your items is moved or tampered with.


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