Woman Used LinkedIn To Find Killer of Her Father

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A Pakistani woman named Maham Amjad announced a shocking discovery when she managed to find her father’s killer only using the world’s largest professional online network, LinkedIn.

Muhammad Ahmed Amjad Was Shot Dead

Maham’s father, Muhammad Ahmed Amjad, a senior official at State Life Insurance Corporation, Pakistan’s largest insurance company, died after being shot ten times in his office on the afternoon of 26 August 2008.

Father of Maham Amjad
Image: Maham Amjad (Twitter)

Since the traumatic incident, the Amjad family has faced not only economic difficulties due to the loss of their father, who was the family’s leading provider, but also experienced mental challenges because their father’s shooter managed to escape and was never punished for his actions.

Muhammad Taqi Shah: The Suspect

The suspect, Muhammad Taqi Shah, a fellow employee at the same insurance company, is said to have escaped and disappeared, leaving no traces after the incident.

As she grew older, Maham Amjad, who was always driven to find out what happened and seek justice, began her investigation to find Shah, the suspected shooter of her father.

Found In Dubai

Finally, in 2020, Maham’s efforts paid off when she found the LinkedIn profile of Taqi Shah, who now lives in Dubai.

Maham, who understands that the murder of her father 14 years ago has become a cold case, takes her time to patiently collect evidence to ensure that her father’s killer will not run away again.

During her investigation, Maham found sad facts that her father’s colleague, who even attended his funeral, was good friends with Shah, who had been a long-time fugitive on Facebook.

Police Helped The Suspect Escape The Country

She also discovered that the State Life insurance company where her father worked had a hand in obstructing the police investigation into her father’s murder and helped the suspect escape, and even threatened her mother to keep silent.

Finally, in October 2022, taking a very calculated step, Maham started sharing her story via Twitter and spreading photos of Shah, her father’s shooter, with the caption “wanted.”

Instead of defending himself with an alibi or evidence, Shah resorted to character assassination against Maham by accusing her of being a “bad woman” and “a tyrant” and even made death threats against this Pakistani girl trying to seek justice for her father.

Maham Amjad: Seeking Justice

Maham Amjad
Maham Amjad (Twitter)

Departing from these death threats, Maham then filed a criminal report against Shah which ended in the arrest of the fugitive of the shooting in 2008 by Dubai police in February 2023.

Recently, the Pakistani authorities are reported to also issued a red corner notice, a sort of international arrest warrant, against Shah to Interpol.


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