WhatsApp To Launch Zoom Like Features Allowing 50 People in a Video

Zoom like features: Facebook’s Messenger Rooms is a video calling service that permits its users to have group video calls with a maximum limit of 50 participants.

This initiative may give a tough competition to the Zoom application, which is widely used for video calling purposes at the moment. Previously, another report appeared which stated that Whatsapp is having a development process to create a Messenger Room option in its chat share section.

Zoom Like Features in Whatsapp will come in the next update cycle.

The Android Beta update has revealed the signs of its Messenger Room update connected with Whatsapp. However, the messenger application is in the underdevelopment phase to become an addition in the 2.2019.6 Web update.

On clicking the messenger rooms icon displayed on the chat share sheet, Whatsapp would inquire about your further proceeding towards the messenger to get a room.

zoom like video chat on whatsapp

After getting a room in Messenger, its sharable link can be forwarded to the rest users waiting to join the video call. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Facebook account. Because you can still join a messenger room meeting call.

Just go after the link which the host would share with you. On observing the boost in meetings held through the video calling platforms as a result of the coronavirus, a lot of giants developed the video calling section.

Additionally, Google also established its Premium Meet option for its users to operate with their own Gmail credentials. Also, they have added a host of the latest features to their Google Duo.

So far, the Zoom platform is leading on the top in the list of these new developments, irrespective of its security issues. However, there are now many options for this application.

Whatsapp has also maximized the group members for a video call to the limit of up to 8 members to make it convenient for the majority of its users to collaborate during the pandemic. This update is now present on both operating systems; Android and iOS.


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