Whatsapp to Launch Biometric Authentication in Latest Update

The latest Whatsapp update will come with a “Dark Mode” for Whatsapp and Biometric authentication to make it more secure.

Whatsapp had been working on their Dark Mode feature for a while now, the benefits of using Dark Mode are;

  • The Dark mode will be easy on your eyes.
  • The Dark mode will save a huge chunk of your smartphone battery.

Whatsapp is deploying Dark Mode feature and Biometric authentication in their beta update 2.19.47. Hoping, that the final version will be made public very soon.

WABetaInfo on Twitter showed the snapshots of how these two features will look after deployment.

facebook dark mode

WABetaInfo shows that the new Dark Mode is using a grey background. The text will be changed to white automatically, Smartphones with AMOLED displays will show a significant battery saving when a user turns on Dark mode in Whatsapp.

This is the first time people got to see how Dark Mode and Biometric authentication will look on Whatsapp. However, whatsapp hasn’t announced any date for releasing this update, but they said they will “Soon” make it public.

Furthermore, Whatsapp also ensures that the new update will come with biometric authentication for Android users as well. This feature was already introduced to iPhone users in February 2019 and it also allows unlocking the app with Touch ID and Face ID.

How can I enable Dark Mode and Biometric Authentication in Whatsapp?

WABetaInfo tweeted that users can enable these two features from;

  • Settings > Account > Privacy.

Whatsapp will further give a choice of consumers to lock their app after 1 to 30 minutes or immediately. If Whatsapp can’t recognize your thumbprint or face, it will lock the app automatically.


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