Trump Has Banned From Posting On Facebook and Twitter For 2 Weeks

Facebook and Twitter has banned President Donald Trump from posting for 2 weeks after taking down two of his videos that violated its policy.

This decision comes after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg marked the Washington emergency and ensured that the company is taking extra measures to keep people safe, as per the Digital Phablet report.

President Donald Trump has been sending out his messages on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of his messages contained baseless election fraud claims and further praised the people who have invaded the Capitol.

“We have seen two policy violations against Donald Trump’s page on Facebook, which will ban 24-hour ban on the president, he will lose the ability to make any post during these hours.” the spokesperson told Digital Phablet.

Facebook has also removed the two latest posts from Trump’s account that includes a video as well. On the other hand, Twitter hid three posts and again locked his account for making offending tweets.

twitter ban donald trump

Facebook has also written a blog post about the ban explaining how the content was related to the Capitol siege.

Facebook wrote that the company would continue to take down photos and videos of the mobs who stormed the Capitol. Including the posts that praise the crowds who bring the weapons to the Capitol or call for any protest during the imposed curfew in Washington DC to stop the attempts of further violence.

Zuckerberg said that we see the current situation as a “state of emergency,” and we are taking extra measures to keep people safe.

Here is the Mark Zuckerberg post about the incident.


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