Netflix Auto-Download Feature Will Download Shows Based on Your Liking

Now you can download movies and TV shows for offline viewing through the Netflix Auto-Download feature.

What is Netflix Auto-Download Feature?

Netflix also has a smart downloading feature that automatically downloads episodes of the TV Series you watch. It also deletes the previous episodes of this TV Show, so you can still watch the Series if you’re offline.

Later, Netflix will be releasing a new feature which is called downloads for you. This will download the shows you’re already watching. Still, with this feature, some shows will be downloaded based on your taste and likes, which you may be interested in protecting.

We are releasing a new feature today. Downloads for you are a new feature that, according to your taste, downloads movies or shows for you on your mobile device. Whether you are a comedy fan or a rom-com lover, you can access your movie or show without the internet and entertain yourself.


This new feature will not take much of your phone storage because it will not download the entire library of Netflix. You will have the option to turn on or off this new feature and select how much space this new feature will take. This feature is live on Android, and later it will also be available for iOS.


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