18 Clubhouse Tips and Tricks That Help You Gain Followers

The clubhouse is getting famous day by day, we compiled a list of 18 interesting Clubhouse Tips and Tricks that will automatically increase your following clubhouse account.

Clubhouse Tips and Tricks 2021

Here are the tips that you should keep in mind before you start using your account;

1. When you enter a room, make sure to keep your mic on mute.

2. You can lift your hand before you talk by clicking on the hand icon.

3. When you say something, limit your talk and make sure to wrap it in two minutes.

4. Make sure to turn Mute Mode on once you’re done talking.

5. Start your own room by clicking on the calendar icon. After that, select the icon having a plus sign and then fill the form. Creating your own room gives your profile a boost.

6. Make a neat and straightforward title for your room.

7. The worst thing you can do with the bio is to leave it empty or write very little because BIO is everything. It is the only decent CTA you have, no matter what your objective is. There is nothing wrong or right, but you can post them if you have any good examples.

8. You can be banned or removed from the app if you misbehave anywhere.

9. When you get in, the first thing you do is, tune your algorithm by showing interest in a variety of topics offered by the Clubhouse. Select the explorer button and pick as many as you can. This will be your life in the Clubhouse.

10. Search for like-minded people. For instance, if you search social media geeks, then you will find plenty of them.

11. You will receive rapid invites if you participate more often.

12. When you register on the app, there will be some profiles in suggestions for you to follow, so don’t follow everyone. Choose selected accounts.

13. For your startup, begin in smaller rooms. This was the trick I shared for people during my networking speeches who were not comfortable in crowds.

14. Take notice of the room hierarchy. It goes from moderator to speaker, to friends of speakers, and then to others.

15. Do not interrupt, and make sure to be kind. Learn to pronounce the names of people. (It feels like the most diverse app on social media)

16. Make sure to use the same profile photo to be easier for people to follow you across platforms.

17. Bring friends in and ping them to select the room they would like, significantly if they can add value.

18. People have also made fake celebrity profiles so beware of fakes.

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