Instagram Will Charge $2 Fee For Links in the Post Caption

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Instagram will soon roll out a USD$2 fee for links to be added in the post caption as a hyperlink (click to open). Mike Murphy confirmed at the round at Protocol.

Back in 2016, Instagram was acquired by Facebook. Now when users or brand influencers will add a link to their caption they will be prompted by a popup that asks them for a $2 fee for links they’re posting in their post caption.

Like a users or brand influencer will have to pay $2 for each links per post.

instagram fee for links popup

Instagram further clarifies that if a person would try to add links in the posts, the automated system will detect those links and prompt users to pay for them.

This has been a long-awaited feature, especially when you can add URLs to stories, bios but was not able to add links to the post. The majority of the users would go “link in bio“. But when this feature is finally released, it came with a price and most people are not liking it to pay for the links posted in the caption.

This feature is still in testing, and will soon roll out for the users. But this will bring lots of cost to the influencers getting a great amount of likes, comments, and followers from Instagram. Either they go with the old “Link in Bio” trick or chose to pay a $2 fee for links in the post section, but that will be double the cost for the influencers.

Instagram fee 1
Instagram Will Charge $2 Fee For Links in the Post Caption 3

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