Google App Store To Remove Snapchat Due To Background Location Tracking

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As Google Play Store is cracking down on Android apps that track location in the background, Snapchat is also coming in the way, if unable to fix. Google will remove Snapchat from the app store.

Google is releasing some new changes that will validate if an app really needs tracking location in the background or not in the latest update that will roll out on the 3rd of August 2020, Google announced in a blog post.

snapchat location tracking

As most of the social media users are aware that Snapchat actively tracks the user location to show their live location on the map, to inform other followers where that user is right now.

This functionality also shows the background tracking of a user. Although the app isn’t always open, but in the background, the live location will be shared with all of your followers if you have given permission to the app to use your location.

Google further explained in the blogpost that sometimes it is essential to have location tracking for some apps such as Uber, Careem or Google Maps but then there are some apps that do background tracking without any essential use.

The big Google Play Protection update will access a number of applications listed on the play store that is using the location tracking in the background and look for a valid justification for why that app is using the location.

If unable to find logical reasoning, Google will be liable to remove Snapchat from the android play store. And if background location tracking isn’t essential, then Snapchat might need to redefine the app in order to save themselves to be removed from a platform with billion active users.

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