Get 3 Months Free Apple Music On Signing Up For TikTok

TikTok has appeared in ads or even sponsored content, but some other promotional partnerships are also available such as Apple Music. After signing up, it gives new subscribers an extra 3 months free.

How to get 3 Months Free Apple Music on TikTok Sign Up?

The mechanics of the promotion is difficult to catch but is also simple. It is stated by the Apple post that it will only be appearing through a notification on the TikTok iOS app and manually; there’s no other way for it to appear. You would have to catch it before it goes away, so stay attentive.

The official playlist of TikTok is being highlighted through promotion on Apple Music, but of course, the new subscribers will not be limited to that. You can always subscribe to the streaming service of Apple music from anywhere, but on iOS, through TikTok, you can earn four free months of Apple Music; usually, the regular period of trial lasts for only three months.


Other than the TikTok app, the other hard requirement is that the Apple ID, which you will be used for redeeming the promo, must have a registered payment attached with it. Once the trial period is finished, Apple will be able to directly charge subscribers and assume they do not unsubscribe before.

Why am I unable to Get 3 Months Free Apple Music Subscription Even After Signing Up on TikTok?

However, this partnership with TikTok shows how Apple’s marketing is becoming aggressive, Which is uncertain for the US. The TikTok music campaign’s promotion will last until January 3, 2021, and will be available for particular countries.

In China, TikTok is known as Douyin, a video sharing social networking app owned by ByteDance. Having several genres, this social media platform is used to make various short videos, including dance, comedy, and education, which consist of duration from 3 seconds to almost 1 minute and 3 minutes for some users. Tiktok is basically an international version of Douyin.


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