Apple iPad 2021 Pro: 5 Reasons To Buy

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Apple iPad 2021 Pro is finally here, these are the reasons why you should be buying this new addition to apple family.

1. Selfie Camera with high resolution

If you decide to take a selfie with iPad 10.2 (2020) or make a video call you may end up looking a little grainy and that happens due to low resolution camera and the tablet only has 1.2 MP front facing camera.

Tablet usually do not need a super high resolution selfie camera. You are probably going to use phone cameras for better selfies and for professional portrait a tablet is not how you will do it. 

We feel that Apple could raise its megapixels to 8 for better video calls and selfies because 1.2 megapixels are very low.

2. A big design change.

Over 10 years ago there has been no change appeared fundamentally in the appearance of main line of iPad ever since its original debut. Compared to affordable tablets of Android and to the existence of futuristic looking iPad and iPad Pro models has also did little to provide its offset so the iPad 10.2 of 2020 the model of eight generation looks outdated positively.

Due to a design upgrade, the entry level iPad is well and is similar to what the iPad Air 4 had though we are not requesting for same design replication. We just wanted an iPad which feels modern in hands and of new entry level which is easily discernible through its myraid predecessors.

3. More space for storage

Apple still sells tablets having only 32GB while the smartphones are having atleast 128GB storage. So for the modern age its just not enough because people download games, movies , TV shows, music, work documents and more.

You can definitely select higher storage option but the iPad of 2020 only came in 32GB and 128GB options. But still these options could also be not enough for some users who download loads of contents. So the iPad model pro provides up to 1TB or 1000GB after all.

4. Faster charging

Most of the entry level iPads provided almost 10W charging which is as fast as a melting glacier but still it is pretty low as compared to the 2020 model. This model provides 20W charging which can lead to a slate taking a while to charge.

The Apple company has decided to step up its game a little bit because the products of Apple have never been good with its battery life and fast chargers.

5. A USB-C port

Most of the iPad pro model have them and also the newly released iPad Air does too but still users are thinking that why the USB-C port is not used in all iPads yet. So far the Apples entry level and Mini series of iPads have stuck with the inferior lightning port.

The USB-C cables have quicker data transfer and these cables are much faster for charging as compared to lightning. This USB is more common for cables and if you had an iPad you can use it with cables and gadgets that also use the standard. Its physical jack itself is way more long lasting as compared to filmsy lightning connector.

Apple iPad 2021 Pro Price

USD $299

Apple iPad 2021 Pro Release Date

Mid 2021

Apple iPad 2021 Specifications

A13 Bionic chipset
10.5-inch screen
64GB storage
Touch ID home button


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