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Canceling your phone contract has never been easier!

Previously, one had to contact the network provider and waste a couple of minutes listening to the hard sell before exiting. Luckily, now you can cancel your phone contract with a free text message. Pretty impressive, right?

This guide aims to inform you regarding everything you need to keep in mind before cancelling your current phone deal. But, if you’re a step ahead and you’ve done your due diligence on the matter and want to ditch your current contract ASAP.

Not sure when your deal will be up? Don’t worry; you’ll soon get a notification telling you when your current phone contract will end. In a move to get more people to save and switch contracts, network providers will soon have no option but to inform UK customers when their phone contracts are about to end.

If yours is coming to an end take a look at these iPhone 11 deals.

Ofcom, UK’s telecoms regulator, is looking into ways to protect consumers from wasting money on phones they already own. Ofcom is going to force providers to make sure that they remind people that their deals are about to end and also inform them about better deals offered by the network.

The new rules will also apply to other services, including pay-TV, landline, and broadband. As a result, customers who use these services could end up saving a lot of money. According to research conducted by Ofcom, 14% of the general public has no clue as to whether they are tied into a contract or not.

Unfortunately, networks won’t be sending the notifications until February 2020.

The sad truth about phone contracts is that many people are often on the wrong phone deal.

The need to switch quickly is proof that a majority of us are paying more than we need, or for some other reason, we are not happy with our current contracts. In fact, uSwitch – a price comparison site – found that last year alone, an average person was paying for 3.4GB of data that they did not use every month!

While there are mobile phone providers such as EE and Sky that allow customers to rollover data that they didn’t use at the end of the month, most of us are still stuck wasting money on the wrong deals (search for cheaper options here).

Are you paying too much for data? Well, here are tips on how to reduce your data usage and avoid exorbitant charges.


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