12 Things and Facts To Know About Huawei’s Harmony OS

Huawei’s Harmony OS is the latest addition in the vast line of Operating Systems. There are few things that all tech enthusiasts, especially Huawei lovers should know before getting their hands on this latest release.

1. Harmony OS will be released for TVs, Laptops, and Cars

Harmony Os Will Be Released For Tvs Laptops And Cars

Huawei Smart TVs and the Honor Smart Screen will be the devices that will run Harmony at the initial launch. Although, Huawei’s management hasn’t confirmed it yet on which models will they be releasing it.

2. Harmony will not run Android apps

Harmony Will Not Run Android Apps

During the China-US trade war, many of the Huawei executives ensured that Hongmeng (Now Harmony) will be able to run Android applications. But all of this seems like a part of showing off, as it is not true, Harmony or Hongmeng will not run Android or iOS apps as it is not compatible with Android.

3. Harmony/Hongmeng is not there to beat Google’s Android

Harmony Hongmeng Is Not There To Beat Googles Android

During the China-US trade war, Huawei also promised that their new OS has beaten android and soon they will be releasing mobile phones with Hongmeng, completely ditching Android. Which, again turned out to be a lie, that has been told on a managerial level. After the settlement between the US and China, Richard Yu ensured that Google’s Android will be the main operating system for their Huawei smartphones.

4. Development of Harmony began in 2017

Development Of Harmony Began In 2017

The work on Harmony started at the beginning of 2017. The company had to wrap up and release this new OS for things like Smart TVs, Cars and wearables.

5. Harmony OS is based on Microkernel

Harmony Os Is Based On Microkernel

Just like Google’s Fuchsia OS, Harmony is based on Microkernel, Making it a direct competitor to Fuchsia, not Android. The design of this Microkernel ensures the use of the same OS on multiple devices.

6. You will not be able to Root Harmony OS

Root Harmony Os
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Huawei ensured that users will never be able to root Harmony. The company said the root access has been blocked for the security reasons, quoting rooting Android created a lot of problems for the OS.

7. Harmony is initially for IoT Products

Harmony Is Initially For Iot Products

IoT products are smart screens, wearables, in-car entertainment, smart speakers and other things. Harmony is made for IoT products, not for Smartphones. But the company ensured that Harmony is capable enough to replace android any time.

8. Huawei is able to shift Android phones to Harmony or Hongmeng in just 2 days

Shift Android Phones To Harmony Or Hongmeng

Huawei ensured that if they find any uncertainty just like they had in previous days, they will be able to shift all android smartphones to Hongmeng or Harmony in just 1 to 2 days.

9. Harmony will have its own apps and app store

Harmony Will Have Its Own Apps And App Store

Huawei is also building an app store just like Google’s Play Store. Huawei has an app currently named Huawei AppGallery but the developers want to hit another milestone by creating something exclusively for Harmony.

10. Huawei Mate 30 will come with Harmony Operating System

Huawei Mate 30 Will Come With Harmony Operating System

Huawei ensured that Mate 30 series hasn’t received a formal Google Play certificate yet, which makes it a perfect device to try out the latest OS. I give the certificate, Huawei will load Android if not given, then Huawei will be forced to go with Harmony.

11. Harmony will be an Open Source by 2020

Harmony Will Be An Open Source By 2020

It will be open source by 2020 meaning all other Chinese smartphone brands such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo or Infinix will be able to try it out for their smartphones.

The US is currently banning Chinese manufacturers, in case it bans any other brand such as Oppo or Vivo, then the other smartphone brands will be able to adapt Harmony OS to ditch android.

12. Harmony OS will be a pure Chinese built

Harmony Os Will Be A Pure Chinese Built
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Harmony will be exclusively built in China, which Huawei has ensured to be moving in other countries as well.

It is going to be a challenge for Huawei to make it a hit, let’s wait and see how this turns out for Huawei.


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