Facebook Messenger Is Recording Each And Everything You Say

Facebook Messenger is recording every phone activity you have. If you downloaded Facebook Messenger on your phone, please delete it immediately. Then you should re-download it and then complete the terms of the agreement. This is totally crazy. Those who don’t know this should read more.

Storing and Recording all of your audios

One thing to note about recording and storing all the audio is that most mobile phones now do not have a removable battery. All mobile phone users who attempt to download the Facebook Messenger app must agree to their terms of service. This basically allows social networking giants to record and store all audio at any given time using a microphone on the phone without permission.

This is very painful, isn’t it? In addition, Facebook has now mandated that each phone download Facebook Messenger to respond to messages you receive on Facebook. You cannot answer them using the Facebook standard app.

Access to the Image and Video

Terms of Service allows Facebook to access images and videos on the phone at any time without any consent. They can also make calls directly without permission and charge your account.

If you think this is too much, please read it in advance. Facebook can also view your call history and read all the data about the contacts on your phone. This also includes how often you communicate with everyone you send by phone or email, via email and phone.

Facebook Messenger Storing Audio

Is it wrong to send a private photo to the messenger?

Some people have asked this question if it is wrong to send a private photo on the Facebook messenger. I won’t treat it as safe because your Facebook account may be used by people for hacking and used for the wrong purpose.

In fact, I encourage you not to send your private photos to anyone, or even save them on your device. Your phone may be stolen by someone, and if he visits these pictures, you will be in trouble.

Is the telephone recording legal?

If you are recording a call between you and someone else, there is no problem because it is very legal. However, if you record a call between two people without the consent of both parties, it is completely illegal.

The way Facebook messenger records your calls is completely legal, as it seeks your prior approval before this.


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