Sephora Data Breach – Asked Customers To Change Passwords

Sephora Data Breach
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Sephora has also canceled all the emails as well as passwords of millions of customers in their servers after Sephora data breach scandal.

Sephora Data Breach Affected Millions Of Customers In South East Asia

Privacy watchdog of Singapore is currently interrogating Sephora, a famous international beauty retailer, after it reported a data breach of online user data affecting customers in Malaysia, as well as other countries that includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand.

On Monday, Sephora, which has 12 stores in Singapore, had issued a warning to their customers who shop online by using their cards, to change their passwords after data breach which they found about two weeks ago.

Passwords and Emails of customers have been compromised and stolen by the third parties, the information that was compromised includes, Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Email and Passwords, as well as the list of previously shopped products from Sephora.

Asia Alia Gogi, Managing Director for South-east Asia at Sephora

Can You Shop Online After Sephora Data Breach?

But luckily she also confirmed that the credit card information of the online customers is saved. Sephora also notified the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) who are now currently looking after this matter.

On the website, Sephora has mentioned that their physical stores are secure only the online users were impacted, so customers can shop via PoS transaction without worrying.

The Sephora Data Breach was only limited to South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand as well as Hong Kong.


The number of affected customers have not been made public yet. The experts from Sephora still claiming that there is “no major vulnerability” on the Sephora’s website.

Sephora ensured that all the personal data that has been stolen, have not been misused yet. Sephora also canceled all the existing emails and password for all the customers and also apologized for it.

The email that has been sent from Sephora to all of their customers, in which they asked to change the passwords of their accounts immediately.

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