Copyleaks vs Turnitin: Which One Is More Accurate? (2023)

One of the most popular plagiarism detection options is Copyleaks, while Turnitin is another. There are some important differences between the two services, but both offer a variety of features and benefits.



With Copyleaks, you can detect plagiarism in text, code, and images using artificial intelligence. Submitted work is compared against a large database of content on Copyleaks. A number of books, articles, websites, and social media posts are included in this database. In addition to detailed reports, plagiarism prevention tools, and multiple pricing options, Copyleaks also offers a variety of features.



Many universities and colleges use Turnitin as a plagiarism checker. An extensive database of published and unpublished works is used by Turnitin to compare submitted papers. A variety of pricing plans are available for Turnitin, as well as detailed reports and plagiarism prevention tools.


Database sizeLargeLarge
Artificial intelligenceYesYes
Detailed reportsYesYes
Plagiarism prevention toolsYesYes
Pricing plansStarts from $9.16/monthNot mentioned
Target audienceStudents, professionals, businessesStudents, professors, administrators
SettingAcademic, professional, personalAcademic

The features and benefits of both Copyleaks and Turnitin are obvious. Depending on your specific needs and requirements, you will receive the best service.

Students, professors, and administrators looking for a plagiarism checker for academic use might find Turnitin useful. Several features of Turnitin are specifically designed for academic use, which is why it is widely used by universities and colleges.

Copyleaks may be a good option for professionals and businesses who are looking for a plagiarism checker. In addition to plagiarism prevention tools, Copyleaks offers various pricing plans that are specifically designed for professional and business use.

You may find Copyleaks or Turnitin useful if you’re looking for a plagiarism checker for personal use. In terms of features and benefits, both services are suitable for personal use.

Comparing different plagiarism checkers and choosing one that suits your needs is the best way to decide which is right for you.

Additional Information

Copyleaks and Turnitin have similar features and benefits, but there are a few other things to consider.

  • Accuracy: Turnitin and Copyleaks are both highly accurate. It is important to note, however, that no plagiarism checker is 100% accurate. A plagiarism checker’s results should always be reviewed carefully before submitting any work.
  • Speed: Turnitin is generally slower than Copyleaks. Copyleaks compares submitted work to its database of content using artificial intelligence. Unlike Turnitin, it uses a more traditional method for comparing submitted work.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use of Copyleaks and Turnitin is similar. Beginners may find Copyleaks easier to use, however. Due to its simpler user interface, Copyleaks is easier to use than Turnitin.

Verdict: Copyleaks is the Winner!!!

  • The software detects plagiarism using artificial intelligence. Therefore, even rewritten or paraphrased texts can be identified as plagiarism.
  • Content can be compared against a large database. The likelihood of finding plagiarism increases even if the plagiarized text comes from a relatively obscure source.
  • You can use it easily. The plagiarism checker scans your text in seconds after you upload your document or paste your text.
  • It is an affordable option. The pricing plans for Copyleaks are very reasonable, and the company offers a free trial.

There are two excellent plagiarism checkers on the market: Copyleaks and Turnitin. Depending on your needs and requirements, you will be able to determine which service is best for you. Comparing different options is a good idea if you aren’t sure which service is right for you.


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