Is Cardieo Smart Watch Worth Buying? Scam or Legit?

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Cardieo smart watch is in trend, generating a lot of sales and a lot of bad reviews. Today, we reviewed this trending watch to see if it is worth spending your money on or not.

We have given it a detailed review and found the watch itself claiming to be the “cheap apple watch” is indeed super cheap. It is tough to set up, and all the functions show the wrong information.

If you’re looking at the price tag, no matter how low it gets, you shouldn’t buy this product as It does not provide value for money.

There are other cheap Chinese watches that work like a charm and are worth your money. One of the famous examples of the smartwatch is Xiaomi Mi Band 6; it is cost-effective, very solid, and totally worth your money.

At some point, we were also unable to receive calls and see texts, which you can easily do in any cheap watch you can get these days.

And it has a glitchy interface, which shows how “fake” their promise is to be the cheapest apple watch. At some point, it stops charging to even get heated up, all by itself.

Cardieo Smart Watch 2

The rating of it being water and dust-proof are also fake. Above all, their website doesn’t work anymore, they took all of their website content down after they made a great number of sales and as they received bad reviews they shut down everything from their website to social media everything is just unresponsive.

The reviews further provided by other people showed how horrible the launch of this smartwatch. So, being a Digital Phablet‘s reviewing expert, I would say, stay away from this product, even if they’re giving it for $1, it doesn’t worth your money.

Have any confusion about this product? Feel free to ask us anything in the comments section below.


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