Whatsapp Agent Smith Virus Is Infecting Millions Of Smartphones

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Using the internet is nothing but a huge risk. You’re always dreading your data to be leaked online. World’s top trending social media app, WhatsApp keep on having such security issues, which always put user’s information on stake.

Sometimes it is a bug or sometimes something else, Users are always dreading the information leakage.

But this time, Whatsapp has encountered a different kind of Whatsapp Virus, which is insanely troublesome for the viewers. This virus is specifically targeting android smartphones.

Smartphone security experts have claimed that Agent Smith WhatsApp virus has affected 25 million smartphones. This virus got the name Agent Smith from the villain of Matrix movie. It replaces that original WhatsApp with a fake WhatsApp to generate revenue from it.

A large number of users from Australia, US and UK have bee affected including some Asian countries as well. Check Point released a blog post to tell the world about the outbreak of this malicious WhatsApp virus.

Agent Smith virus acts as a Google-related app without even asking or the user permission, it replaces already installed apps with the fakes ones without you noticing it. This virus can also extract credit card information from your smartphone.

How to Remove or Check Whatsapp Agent Smith Virus in Phone

Now to see if you have been affected by Agent Smith WhatsApp virus, there is no need to worry as you can still remove it. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to find or delete all malicious apps from your android phone;

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on Apps/Application Manager
  • Scroll down to the malicious app (which you can’t recall downloading yourself) and uninstall it.
  • If it can’t be found then remove all recently installed apps

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