10 Surprising Tips To Completely Hack Your Mind and Body

Do you really wanna hack your mind? and the body? These 10 genius tips are the gateway to it. Read more about it in this article.

Focus on using the opposite hand to control your diet

eating left hand

If you are a snack lover and unable to control your intake, you now have an intelligent method to do so. Just utilize that hand which is non-dominant. Researchers claim that people eat less with that hand.

Use ice on your hand to get relieve from a toothache

Apply ice on your hand for a toothache

As shocking as it may sound, however, a study has relieved that massaging a piece of ice in the area between the index finger and the thumb of your hand on the same side of that of the problematic tooth would greatly decrease the pain level of your tooth.

Immediately nap after studying for better memorizing

Sleep right after studying to learn better
Anthony Tran

Whenever a person quickly falls asleep after learning or studying a new topic, he or she would have that in their mind better than the other person who is awake for a longer period.

Have a gum to focus

chewing gum
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Some researchers recommend chewing gum in order to stay focused on a time-taking activity that requires a consistent need for emphasizing, for instance, reading.

Keeping a pencil in the mouth may positively impact on a person’s mood

A pencil in the mouth

Follow this impactful trick if you are feeling stressed out or going through a bad mood. A research project in Psychology revealed that placing chopsticks in the mouth in a way that you can smile with it, would in reality make you more content.

Take out your feelings, in order to feel better, before your exam

person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook 210661

A research of the University of Chicago stated the effectiveness of this trick. In order to achieve a good grade, just write down your worries and anxiety before appearing for the paper.

Use your right ear for better hearing


The interruptions or background noise seriously impact a person’s hearing ability. But, research states that people; both adults and the children, listen better with the help of their right ear.

Regulate your meal hours to beat the jet lag

woman holds sliced pizza seats by table with glass

Every one of us has gone through jet lag at least once. However, researchers now maintain a solution for it. You are required to adjust your eating hours irrespective of the time zone you will be commuting to, for instance, have your meal at the same time each day.

Breakdown projects into smaller tasks in order to stay productive

adult architect blueprint business 416405

Experts advise that every project is easily managed when broken down into smaller activities. As people then run their minds according to their logical order of completion and set up a schedule to achieve them.

Initially, try out the tougher task every day to have a good performance

pen calendar to do checklist 3243

Always, we start off our day with the most convenient activities. But, this impacts our productivity in a negative manner. Research claims that we should operate our day in its opposite way i.e. perform the tougher one in the first place to have a better and motivated performance throughout the whole day.

Ready to hack your mind?


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