Heartbreaking Pictures of PIA PK8303 Plane Crash Killing 97 People

The PK8303 flight of PIA maintained 99 passengers, excluding the crew members, with them on board during the time of this unfortunate incident.

The crash destroyed the residential area and have affected at least five homes, reportedly. As per the sources maintained in the Health Ministry of Sindh, a minimum of 80 passengers was found dead tough two made it to survive

The ones that were seriously injured were shifted to Darul Sehat Hospital and Civil Hospital Karachi. So far, five bodies are known to be identified. A minimum of 48 dead people were transferred to the JPMC (Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre) and 32 towards the Civil Hospital. In accordance with this recent deadly crash within Pakistan, 47 passengers died when PIA’s flight got smashed in the mountainous area in KPK, in the year 2016. 

Among these, the worst disaster took place in the year 2010, which killed 152 people of AirBlue near Islamabad. 

Rescue teams are gathering and working at the site of the crash near the airport within Karachi.

PIA Plane crash Malir 1

People are observing the incident and standing next to the debris of the plane in a residential area, Karachi.

karachi PK8303 plane crash model colony

An injured person of the crash site is being carried by the rescue team

PIA plane crash people injured

Near Karachi’s airport, a chopper is flying above this passenger plane that crashed in the residential area.

helicopter after plane crash in karachi malir

The local of the residential area is standing on his house’s debris in that residential area within Karachi.

PIa plane pk8303 crashed

Rescue workers appeared at the crash location of the passenger flight crash in Karachi.

rescure work at model colony malir

Men are observing by walking on the debris at the location of the PIA’s plane crash in the residential area of Karachi, near the airport. 

resident at home after pk 8303 crash

Fire Brigade and the Ambulances gathering operating at the premises of the PK8303 plane’s crash in the residential area of Karachi, near the airport.

Fire Brigade and the Ambulances gathering operating at the premises of the plane’s crash


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