People Who Work or Write with Left Hand are Smarter – BBC

Many rumors can be observed concerning the people to do their work with the left hand. Some researches stated that left-handed people die earlier. Some associated them as the ones having an offensive behavior whereas; some believe that left-handers drink more.

Although the claims are highly contested and hardly proved, yet a myth having more weight is that the left-handed people are smarter than the right-handed ones. The handedness and mathematical capability were reviewed by IFL Science to test the theory and then explained that; the function of the hand is a sign of functioning of the brain and is thus linked with cognition.

Actually, left-handed ones to possess a bigger right portion of the brain which supports them regarding mental spatial responsiveness and representations of the objects. They also have a bigger corpus callosums which links both brain hemispheres. Whilst the association between maths and left-handedness was also evaluated by some studies to determine the mathematical ability and degree to success varied.

IFL science also studied sections of experiments that involved 2,300 mixed aged students. Those tests summarized that the left-handed ones performed higher than the rest sample only in the difficult problems. The ones using their right hand for every activity, underperformed among all.

Now to conclude, the people being left-handed are consisted of a competitive advantage concerning mathematics whereas right-handed ones posses a disadvantage in it. On the other hand, IFL science also noted that it is essential not to evaluate people concerning only their hand preferences for the reason that only one-third of all people established the right part of their brain is known to be left-handed people.  Presently, there are a lot of people preferring their right hands and yet also have a comparable function in their brain.

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