Finland Initiates 4 Working Days Rule in Organizations

While most of the people in the Western part of the world excessively eight hours per day for five days a week working days, few of the countries and companies are trying to adapt the current management of productivity and initiate a four day based, six-hour working week.

Japan tried to attempt the same working schedule when an experiment was carried out by Microsoft Japan. The findings were more than satisfying, as the organization observed approximately 40% enhancement in the productivity of its employees.

Sanna Marin, Finland’s new prime minister, possesses some more thoughts regarding the reason for this work routine’s significance for the society and decides to initiate it in her nation.

After the spread of this news globally, the new government stated on the 7th of January that the PM Sanna Marin came up with this idea before the elections and it isn’t presently added in the government’s agenda.

The 34-year-old second youngest PM throughout the world wishes to take her country on a different course concerning the understanding of work hours. She also said that she believes people need to have more time with their loved ones, own interests, and culture, etc.

She believes that allowing fewer work hours to the Finnish residents is essential. It isn’t because of the feminine style of governing however, offering support and keeping the promise made to the voters. They had performed research in the year 2015 and held demo too concerning the six-hour workday. Results revealed that employees were content, productive and wealthier.

In the plan of the Finish Government, it is yet not stated. There is no error in their idea. But, the PM had envisioned the plan precisely in the panel discussion in August when she was used to be the Ministry of Transport.


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