Latest Live Updates: Malaysia Coronavirus News

Latest updates and news and opinion on the latest wave of Malaysia Coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 started from Wuhan, China through Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.

Live Malaysia Coronavirus Updates

live coronavirus singapore news

March 20 (3:15 pm): Malaysia has extended the school holidays till 31st March 2020.

March 20 (3:00 pm): Malaysian government has banned exporting of the face masks, said DTCAM.

March 20 (2:17 pm): Malaysians who have Singaporean work permits will be able to work in Singapore after the complete screening.

March 20 (1:50 pm): Malaysia to deploy Army on 22nd March 2020 to help police in making people follow the Governmental orders to curb Covid-19 spread.

March 19 (5:50 pm): #StayAtHome and #KitaJagaKita (We take care of Ourselves) hashtags are trending on Malaysian Social Media to comply with the Government orders to stay indoors.

March 19 (5:35 pm): Singaporean highest Islamic Authority has urged Muslims to avoid large gatherings, to avoid Malaysia like situation.

March 19 (5:10 pm): 110 new cases of coronavirus reported by Malaysia, Total tally of Covid-19 confirmed cases reaches 900.

March 19 (3:32 pm): Malaysia to deploy army if the public continues to show negligence in following the government’s orders during Covid-19. #malaysiacovid19

March 19 (3:15 pm): Malaysia to lift the travel ban to the travelers traveling to Singapore for the world, if they can have a house there said Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Senior Minister for Security.

March 19 (2:50 pm): Malaysia has finally tracked down 10,500 Muslims who were attendees of a Mass Muslim gathering as two-thirds of the people from that mass gathering were tested positive for coronavirus., says by Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

March 19 (2:33 pm): Malaysian Police successfully tracks down 4,000 people who were being tested for Covid-19 after they attended a gathering by the Muslim Missionary movement, stated by Defence Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

March 18 (3:43 pm): Paramedics and Dentists are more likely to get infected from Covid-19. If you have any dental appointment pending, please cancel it now.

March 18 (3:37 pm): 17 new Coronavirus cases in Singapore, total cases are now 243.

March 18 (12:36 pm): All Ramadan bazaars in Singapore closed.

March 18 (12:17 pm): Singapore suffering due to Singapore-Malaysia border lockdown.

March 15 (1:03 pm): 5 Singaporean visitors who returned to the country and had been tested positive for the Covid-19 visited 10 mosques in Singapore when they were positive.

March 15 (4:51 am): Osim Sundown Marathon, which usually hosts 25,000 has been canceled.

March 15 (12:11 am): Singapore International Airlines (SIA) is telling customers to only contact them if they have their flights departing in the next 72 hours.

March 14 (10:47 pm): 12 New cases reported in Singapore, totaling the number of cases to 212.

March 14 (6:15 pm): Chee Soon Juan, Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) secretary-general requested to government to halt General Election until coronavirus disappears.

March 14 (6:14 pm): Singapore International Airlines (SIA) suspends flights to China and Italy.

March 14 (12:32 am): Badminton Singapore Open canceled due to coronavirus.

March 13 (8:40 pm): 13 new Coronavirus cases have been reported in Singapore. The total infected toll reaches 200.

March 13 (8:37 pm): Marquee Singapore canceled operations due to Coronavirus.

March 13 (6:11 pm): Singapore closes all the mosques to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

March 13 (7:41 am): Chinese foreign minister, Zhao Lijian has accused the US military of bringing Coronavirus to China.

March 13: Singaporean Health Minister confirmed 9 more Coronavirus cases, taking the infected toll to 187.

March 13: Singaporean president, Lee Hsien Loon says that Coronavirus pandemic can last till 2021.

March 8: 12 new cases reported in Singapore, total infected persons are 150.


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