List of Celebrities, Leaders and Athletes Infected with Coronavirus

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The complete list of celebrities, leaders of the world and athletes are currently infected with Coronavirus right now.

Olga Kurylenko (Actress)

Olga Kurylenko

Actress Olga Kurylenko has been tested positive for Coronavirus, she announced it on her Instagram last night. She has been ill for a week with Fever and fatigue and has now been quarantined in her home. She was set to play in the latest James Bond movie.

Begona Gomez (Wife of Spanish Prime Minister)

belonga gomez infected with coronavirus
La Voz del Tajo

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife, Begona Gomez has been tested positive for the novel-coronavirus, Spanish office announced late Saturday.

Mikel Arteta (Arsenal Football Club Manager)

Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta, Arsenal FC manager had been tested positive with deadly coronavirus, reported by BBC news. Before testing positive, he had interacted with a number of Arsenal teammates.

Daniele Rugani (Juventus Football Player)

Daniele Rugani
Sky Sports

Juventus football club player, Rugani is also diagnosed with Coronavirus. According to the report, he had the most interaction with Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently in quarantine.

Tom Hanks and his Wife (Hollywood Actor)

Tom Hanks and his Wife
Hello Magazine

A famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita announced that the couple is currently infected with the coronavirus.

Justin Trudeau’s Wife (Prime Minister of Canada)

Justin Trudeau Wife
Hello Magazine

Wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been diagnosed with coronavirus on Thursday night after facing mild symptoms of the disease.

Peter Dutton (Australian Home Affairs Minister)

Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton was tested positive on Friday after waking up in the high fever.

Jair Bolsonaro (President of Brazil)

Jair Bolsonaro
Exame – Abril

Jair Bolsonaro tested positive on March 13, His last meeting was with US President Donald Trump, where he was pictured shaking hands with the US president.

Rodrigo Duterte (President of the Philippines)

Rodrigo Duterte
The Indian Express

Duterte is currently in self-quarantine as he awaits for the covid-19 tests done on him.

Ali Akbar Velayati (Top Adviser to Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)

Ali Akbar Velayati
ARY News

Iran’s Tasnim news reported that Mr. Velayati has been put under quarantine after being diagnosed with the deadly coronavirus.

Nadine Dorries (British Health Minister)

Nadine Dorries
The Intelligencer

Nadine Dorries announced that he has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is currently self-isolating himself in his house.

Frank Riester (French Culture Minister)

Franck Riester
Teller Report

Franck Riester along with five other lawmakers in France has been tested positive on Monday.

Nicola Zingaretti (Leader of the Italian Coalition Government’s Democratic Party

Nicola Zingaretti
The Social Post

Nicola Zingaretti is currently isolating himself at home after being tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday.


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