Cristiano Ronaldo Tests NEGATIVE For Coronavirus

cristiano ronaldo coronavirus
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Cristiano Ronaldo has been put into quarantine in his home in Madeira on urgent basis after the Juventus’ Daniele Rugani tested positive for Coronavirus.

Update: In the latest updates, Cristiano Ronaldo has been tested NEGATIVE in the Coronavirus Test.

Ronaldo had flown to Portugal to see his mother who had recently been admitted into Hospital after suffering the Stroke.

It is reported that Cristiano Ronaldo and Rugani both shared the same dressing room on Sunday, at the time, Rugani had Coronavirus which had revealed later after Rugani’s health deteriorated. He was with Cristiano Ronaldo after Juventus beat Inter Milan by 2-0.

Miralem Pjanic after the winning game posted a picture on his Instagram which shows Ronaldo and Rugani celebrating the win together.

cristano ronaldo and Daniele Rugani together coronavirus

Everyone who shook hands with Rugani and celebrated with him in Both teams, Juventus and Inter Milan are being quarantined and have been put into isolation in their homes.

The Portuguese press has been posting this story on their newspapers making it one of the biggest breaking news in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo asked not to fly back to Turin as the Health Authorities made his own home a quarantine zone.

cristiano isolation
ronaldo quarantine

All events in sports from Italy have been suspended till April 3 but only Juventus is facing Lyon next Tuesday in the Champions League.

WHO has marked Coronavirus a Pandemic. Recently, Tom Hanks and his Wife also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Fans are hoping that Cristiano Ronaldo stays clear of coronavirus as the Health officials are running coronavirus tests on all the players from both teams.

Ronaldo is currently 35 years old and plays for Juventus, which is an Italian football club. He lives with his Four children, a wife and his mother.

Doctors have been saying that Coronavirus is hitting people with low immune systems harder than the ones with a strong immune system. Hoping that Cristino Ronaldo might not have gotten the diseases but the tests will tell the truth.

Source: CNN, BBC and Daily Mail

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