iOS 13 and iPadOS Keypads Are Stealing Data Without Permission

A new bug has been seen in iOS 13 and iPadOS Keypads (Third party). Apple has warned all the users to be very careful as the company is fixing the bug in the meantime and has asked the Apple users to stay vigilant.

This new bug illegally shared the typed data of the iPhone and iPad users without their permission on the internet.

According to the Apple’s management, that the company is working a fix and soon the next update will roll out for iOS 13 and iPadOS users and has advised the users to update their OS as soon as the latest update becomes available.

It is important to note that this new loophole in iOS 13 is only affecting the people if you have any third-party keypad app has been installed in your iPad or iPhone.

If you are using the standard keypad that comes with iOS 13 or iPadOS than you’re safe and has no need to worry.

Third-Party Keyboard Apps on iOS 13 and iPadOS sharing data without user consent

The latest version of iOS 13.2 has entered into beta version, Apple is currently working to kill this bug to stop illegal data sharing. Third-party keyboard app that are sharing data without consent includes, Google’s Gboard, SwiftKey by Microsoft and Grammarly Keyboard, which are sharing data actively on internet.

As per Apple;

“This issue is related to the 3rd party apps only, Apple’s standard keyboard is safe to use. Since we’re working on a fix, it is advised to use the standard keyboard rather than third party keypads. This issue will be fixed in next update.”

So, if you have been using a third-party keypad application on your iPhone or iPad, now is the time to delete immediately and try not to reinstall it until Apple releases new update that contains fix for this bug.

To check or change keyboard installed in iOS 13 or iPadOS

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Keyboard
  • Tap Keyboards
  • Tap Edit


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